Refutation RULES :-)

Man Holding Oversize Ruler That Says A Good Rule

Christians( Of All Denominations) , Muslims (Of All Denominations) , Satanists  (Of All Denominations) , Hindus (Of all Denominations) Atheists/Agnostics , and Buddhists and any other religious or political or philosophy is welcome We all believe we have the truth because there is only one..  so why the confusion? so there has to be a complete and full GLOBAL Truth Seeking Sessions of what the one and only Truth is ..

___RULE#1 – Refute with evidence and address each point,website,video,picture etc that is brought up 

___ RULE#2 – Before rebutting take your time to examine all the information,  websites , videos , pictures etc these will be called truth seeking sessions for all to see and observe and judge , there is only one truth

___ RULE#3 – Always try to be as civil and respectful as possible, otherwise your refutation wont be posted

___ RULE #4 – If you want to challenge a claim bring consistent and precise and clear and unambiguous evidence and address it to the affirmations and objections section under the claim you want to challenge and any claim any information left unrebutted and unrefuted stands as truth and fact in the matter

___RULE #5 – If you make a complex claim your name will be attached along side of your claim and any following arguments or refutations to objections you or others make and so on


Donation/Funding – For God loves a cheerful giver

This Ministry is dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Yeshua and seeking the Truth and nothing but the Truth, So help Us God, My Name is Maximum Aguilar and I am a pre/non-denominational born again Holy Spirit Filled Jew, I am not claiming perfection because I stumble and fall like any other believer but I seek the Lord in my Heart and get up again, I started this ministry to seek the Truth in all matters, The Holy Bible being the corner stone of all Truth, in seeking the truth requires funding for projects and journalism and collecting information to find the truth… like putting the pieces of a puzzle together, I’m obsessed with putting this whole picture together, some questions and mysteries will not be revealed until we see the Lord Jesus face to face, My Promise to you who donate and give out of the goodness of your hearts to bless my ministry is, I will use the gifts and donations to fund projects to fight crime and tyranny (Isaiah 1:17), help the poor (Matthew 25:34-40) and seek the truth on social & political issues ( Matthew 7:7) , building and establishing churches, and investigate claims and do my own documentaries and conduct interviews about both the supernatural and mundane elements of life, and slew of other projects/operations that benefit and uplift the human race and spreads the kingdom of God, God blesses those who bless His people (Genesis 12:3) & (2 Corinthians 9:6-10) & ( Zechariah 2:8) & (Galatians 3:29) & (1 Corinthians 9:14) whether they are Gentile or Jews, Which I am both Believer and ethnic Sephardi Jew, so pray about donating and helping my ministry if you feel lead to help in anyway, I’d appreciate it, thank you, Shalom –$SonzofZion8

NOTE : Any financial donations would help me get rid of the ads on my site and keep them off


Alter call for acceptance of Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior



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