Altar-call to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior

Have you ever wondered if there was a purpose for your life? Or wondered if mankind had broken a divine law? Because you observed the condition of our world? Well you would have guessed right, you and I and the rest of mankind have been found guilty, yes that’s right, In the court of heaven we broke divine laws and like any other justice system there must be punishment for crimes, I’m a sinner that’s been saved.. you’re a sinner because you broke Gods laws, 10 commandments, then some, but the Good news is God the Father sent someone to take your place and take the punishment meant for you upon Himself, His name is Jesus Christ or Yahshua HaMashiach (His name in Hebrew).. who died on that cross paying for your sins and my sins and all those who would trust in Him, and He died and rose by the power of God the Father.. conquering sin, death, and the devil & his demons.. and so can you because you’ve been acquitted of your crimes and forgiven, spiritually speaking, so you are free to go, see it is Satan and sin and death that makes our world the way it is today, and if you choose not to accept His gift of salvation, He isn’t gonna force you to accept it.. but remember someone has to pay for your sins if it’s not gonna be Jesus then you will pay for your own sin and the punishment is eternal separation from your Creator God the Father, It’s that simple..

Just pray this simple prayer

Lord I confess that I am a sinner and have sinned against you, I come now humbled and repent of all my sin and wish to be filled with your Holy Spirit and be born again and be baptized by water and in the Holy Spirit, I receive the free gift of salvation, I offer my life as a living sacrifice Holy and pleasing to you God and thank you Jesus/Yahshua for your sacrifice, I believe you died and rose from the grave and ascended into Heaven, you have conquered death, sin, and satan & his demons and I have too through you, I am now a new creation and I am saved by grace through faith
in Jesus/Yahshuas name I pray AMEN

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